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ChatGPT Training Courses, AI Training Courses, and Resources to Help You Learn AI FAST.

All online AI COURSES & chatgpt training offerings

What is ChatGPT? What is Midjourney? Are you seeking clarity on why AI is so awesome? Curious how you can leverage AI to get ahead of everyone else?

Come learn AI FAST with Jenn Fir, here at Forestry. From the basics of how to get ChatGPT running, all the way to advanced Prompt Engineering, you can learn ChatGPT and other AI technologies with our affordable, online, live courses!

All AI courses are recorded. Once a week, we'll have comfy, in-person Zoom calls where you'll have time to ask questions about AI and ChatGPT. We also have a Discord that you gain access to upon purchase of your first course. And all AI courses come with helpful AI cheat sheets to help you remember what you learned. We're here to help you make your job easier!

Get FREE access to weekly Q&A calls and exclusive Discord community after attending any Forestry AI course!
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ChatGPT 1-Hour Mastery

The exact prompts you need to blast past your coworkers.

A fast-paced power hour packed full of tips, tricks, and how-tos for all skill levels. Set up and get started with ChatGPT fast.

1-on-1 Hour with Jenn Fir

Need more detailed info about AI and modern technology, and want it straight from Jenn? Grab yourself some consulting time!
The first meeting is a fixed price, and anything beyond that can be scheduled at a bulk rate/retainer. Learn directly from a boots-on-ground veteran of future tech.‍

AI for Creatives

For creative professionals who are graduates of 1-Hour Mastery.

In this 1-hour block, learn advanced techniques in ChatGPT, Claude, Midjourney & DALL-E that will slash your time to post by 75%.

Prompt Engineering

For high-powered professionals who are graduates of 1-Hour Mastery.

In this 2-hour block, get ahead of the AI-assist mandate at work. Dig into the prompt chains that will set you on a pedestal at the office. Be the early pro!

AI Marketing & Social Media

For marketing and social media professionals who are graduates of 1-Hour Mastery.‍

AI for Fiction Authors

For fiction authors who are graduates of 1-Hour Mastery.‍

AI for Non-fiction Authors

For non-fiction authors who are graduates of 1-Hour Mastery.‍

Basic Coding with AI

For technically-inclined graduates of 1-Hour Mastery.

In this 1-hour block, learn basic coding techniques in Python, the simplest language to get anything done. Build an app and be amazed at yourself through the power of AI. No CS degree required.

Replace Siri with ChatGPT

For anyone who gets frustrated with Siri's limited responses, despite her promised awesomeness.

In this 30-minute workshop, reconfigure Siri so that you're talking to ChatGPT instead. Get the results you're looking for and quit searching manually.